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Adventure Bay has the happiest people. It is a town with very nice places, and a patrol that makes sure everybody can enjoy those places. It has ocean, beaches and an amazing island. On Seal Island, there are interesting things and inhabitants. The lighthouse, the Turbots and Wally’s family are part of the island.

A family of walruses

A beautiful family of Walruses out in the bay. Wally, Walinda and their baby live surrounding Seal Island. His appearances started since the very beginning of the PAW Patrol series. His mate and mother of their baby walrus has had less scenes, and her debut was in season 2 in the episode “Pups save Walinda”.


Since that event, Wally is very protective and spends time caring for his baby. He is very big and brown. He has some light brown spots and brown moustache, too. Despite having his two tusks for defense, they don’t change his friendly expression. Being a walrus and having such a large body require a lot of food, so he’s a big eater. Captain Turbot shares with him all his tastes for food.

Captain Turbot’s friend

He isn’t a talking walrus, but he communicates with Captain Turbot and Ryder by his grunting sounds or moving his flippers. He is a playful walrus, and it is really funny when he does the face palm indicating that Captain Turbot doesn’t get the idea of what he wants to communicate. It’s easier for Ryder to understand his sounds than for Captain Turbot.

He is not a mischievous character that provokes emergency situations frequently, just the opposite. He is very intelligent and loves doing tricks for his very good friend Captain Turbot, Ryder and the patrol. He’s a nice character that brings humor to the story, especially with his friendship with Captain Turbot.


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