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PAW Patrol has continued to thrive on TV screen throughout the years. His little fans love watching episodes where Ryder and the puppies’ rescues take them to different and very cool scenarios. They usually embark on all kinds of adventures, and those that take place in wildlife of the jungle are simply great! Since season 3, a new character joined the pups for the jungle rescue missions.

A Chihuahua puppy

Tracker is one of the newest puppies of the team. PAW Patrol will have a broader audience with him, for sure. He is a Chihuahua puppy, a tiny dog with a huge personality. He is brown and white and as a good representative of his breed he has large and stiff ears. He has hypersensitive hearing which is good for missions, but kind of scary with unknown sounds in dark nights.


This breed is like a national symbol of Mexico, and Tracker shows this when speaking. Voiced by actor David Lopez, he says phrases combining words in English and Spanish. So kids can start learning words in both languages with him.

A special member

Everything is special about Tracker. Although he is part of the team, he doesn’t stay with them and resides in the jungle with his caretaker Carlos. Their relation started in “Tracker joins the pups” when this cute Chihuahua saves Carlos’ life. From that moment on, all the patrol’s members welcomed him to the team.

His green tag has a compass in it that helps him a lot in the jungle rescue missions. His jeep is a perfect and important vehicle to move and track down clues to solve cases in the jungle. For example, it was necessary a long distance to follow trails of footprints in “Pups save Big Paw”. In this episode, his tag, jeep and pup pack help a lot to find out that the naughty monkeys are the real Big Paw.


Meet The Charactes of the series

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