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In season 4, PAW Patrol decides to help other territories beyond Adventure Bay. “Mission PAW” is the name given to themed episodes that take place in the Kingdom of Barkingburg. This is a far away kingdom that needs the patrol’s help to protect the Crown and keep it safe. New characters come to share adventures with the team. The princess of Barkingburg has no idea about who Sweetie really is.

A villainous pet

It’s undeniable when you see her that Sweetie looks like a real cute and nice pet. She is a female white fur pup with purple eyes. The tiara is like part of her. She looks very beautiful with it, but what it really shows is her desire for being the Princess of the kingdom or even better the Queen. The Princess of Barkingburg loves her very much, and is totally innocent of Sweetie’s evilness.


She likes to be in pink, and in black for her Mission PAW. She knows how to use her cuteness perfectly to get what she wants. She fakes to be nice because in her deep inside she is very greedy. All what she wants is to have the kingdom for her and her robot toy frog Busby.

Mission PAW

The PAW Patrol pups accept the missions when they get the call from the palace. Ryder and the puppies go there when it is necessary to investigate or solve a mysterious situation. They usually head for Barkingburg in the Air Patroller. In the episode Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown, all Sweetie’s malicious plans are discovered when she steals the Crown.

First the crown and then the Royal throne. But it is not only the throne, she dares to steal the PAW Patrol’s transportation, too. Not one pup, but all of them do their best to stop her in a great mission.


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