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PAW Patrol is ranked as one of the best kid shows on TV. Each dog has distinctive skills and super kennels able to transform into customized and great vehicles. It is Skye’s turn to impress with her role in this animated cartoon. She was the first female character to appear and was so well welcomed by the PAW Patrol team.

A total cool vehicle

She has all the skills needed to be a great pilot, and she is a very talented one. Her doghouse transforms into a cool helicopter that lets her help the team from above. Her energy and possibility of flying are of great help for the rescue missions in Adventure Bay. Her main purpose is to help on emergencies where her helicopter can make it easier to achieve a happy ending.


Skye can fly around either with her pink helicopter or the wings in her pup pack. Either way, each rescue she participates in is of great excitement. The most important device of the helicopter used for rescues is the grappling hook. It is a strong device attached to a rope that lets her help saving people herself or transporting the most suitable team members for a specific mission.

A loving personality

Skye is a Cockapoo, a mixed breed between Cocker Spaniel and a miniature poodle. She has all the characteristics of that combination in her personality. She’s very agile and active with a very outgoing and loving personality. She enjoys playing activities with the patrol and almost always can be seen with a smile.

Sometimes she’s kind of competitive against Zuma, but they keep being the best teammates. It’s no coincidence that her favorite color is pink. Although, Skye is a fearless pilot and loves high altitudes, she is a delicate and graceful female puppy. The team loves her and appreciates her assistance.


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