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PAW Patrol

In general, one thing that adults get nostalgic about are the cartoons they watched and the characters they used to look up to. Watching cartoons is just great! There are channels devoted to this magical world, and that’s where kids make their choice. If kids between 2 and 5 mastered spelling, no doubt they’d spell their favorite program “P-A-W P-A-T-R-O-L”.

What’s cuter than a puppy?

Kids like playing with toys and watching cartoons, but “like” is not enough when we refer to puppies. Kids just love playing and taking care of them. So, there’s no denying the impact these cute puppies have had on the little ones. This famous animated show does an excellent job using these adorable canines for introducing children to helpful community helpers.

The series follows a boy named Ryder and his heroic rescue pups. They are the stars of the PAW Patrol show. A team that is always protecting residents of Adventure Bay. There’s no way you don’t listen to your kid saying “No job is too big, no pup is too small! This is the very catchphrase to say that these heroes are always up to challenge.

PAW Patrol is the kind of cartoon that will never make kids fall asleep. It’s an action-adventure cartoon that packs important reminders about being brave to solve whatever problem has emerged and caring for others. It has stood the test of time, and in February 2018 premiered Season 5. Five successful seasons of 26 episodes each.

Preschoolers glued to the screen

The story will be a little different on the other side of the TV. There, you see kids almost in a hypnotic trance. You cannot help but try to be a kid for a few moments and immerse into this funny program, too. Its colors and animated characters capture children’s attention from the beginning of the episode to the end.

Its successful formula has to do with simple dialogues and a mix of predictable scenes and new adventures. Each episode starts showing the pups playing around, and then something happens. Ryder calls them to the headquarters, and kids know the exact moment when they have to say “No job is too big, no pup is too small! In kids’ own words PAW Patrol is puptastic!

Apart from being one of the favorite programs, it’s also become a toy phenomenon. Children love when they are given any product of the toy line of this successful series. Backpacks, books, stuffed figures, bath toys and even the puppy kennels that turn into vehicles. Any special occasion is good for giving a nice PAW Patrol present to them.

A Canadian success growing everyday

For many kids around the world, their love for puppies is just exceptional. The Canadian Spin Master, being aware of this, created a program truly for children. Nickelodeon became Spin Master’s partner. The results? An impressive popular kids TV show. This hit program for children aired its first season in August 2013 being televised now in over 160 countries.

Each pup is a specific breed of dog and has a unique personality. They all are really special and friendly. Based on real-life professions and community helpers such as firefighters and police officers, the PAW Patrol is a team of puppies whose roles in the rescue are very important. All of them support each other’s efforts, and none will try to outdo each other in being heroes of rescue.  It’s a real team of problem-solving dogs.

The PAW Patrol puppies are voiced mostly by child actors. Puptastic, awesome, great for preschoolers and even educational are some of the characteristics that make the series really attractive to kids. Children enjoy with puppies, colors, adventure and always a happy ending!

Meet the characters of the series