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Whether a trouble calls or an emergency strikes, the PAW Patrol will be on the case. So, there’s nothing to fear. Who’s in charge? Well, believe it or not, a super nice ten-year old boy leads the charge. At the moment of being in their world of imagination, your kids love being Ryder. He leads and gives all mission instructions, but also spends great time with the pups while teaching them.

A key role

What Ryder does in each episode is essential to have the job done. Apart from being his human friend, this charismatic leader knows about all the skills of each member of the PAW Patrol. He heads up all the missions, but he’s certainly sure the patrol is more than paws. They are can-do-spirit puppies ready to respond the call and help to solve whatever it is.


If Ryder is notified of a problem or witnesses an emergency himself, he alerts the team via their tag pendants. All of them report to the base and line up, and the nice and smart boy says who the best puppy for the job is identifying the skills best suited for the mission.  At the end of the mission, you’ll hear him say enthusiastically “Whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help!”

A cool tech boy

He looks so cool when using his all-terrain vehicle. It is able to handle any variety of terrain that the mission requires, even snow. Ryder is a master of technology and equips the pup packs with the coolest high-tech gadgets.

He always knows what to do. Under his guidance, “the PAW Patrol will be on the double wherever there’s trouble”. The series follows Ryder who is very far from having superhuman abilities, but he’s so clever that always makes the team achieve the goal. Teamwork will be the key for helping people in Adventure Bay.


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