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One of the funniest things when kids enjoy the PAW Patrol cartoon is to see them singing and dancing the theme song. It’s a nice version, and you definitely can see the smile at this catchy tune. The names of the main characters of the series are part of the lyrics, and Rubble is one of them. This lovable bulldog is much more than his appearance.

The construction puppy

He is an English bulldog. Although he is a puppy, Rubble is a good representative of his breed. He’s a muscular dog with a distinctive pushed-in nose. You see him big and robust on the outside, but once children know him, it’s just appearance. He gets along with people, especially with children and other dogs and pets.


Rubble is a great construction digger. He proved his digging skills since his first episode where he was rescued by Chase. To get dirty is not a problem for him, in fact he likes it because after getting dirty, he loves enjoying a nice and relaxing bubble bath. He’s a great team partner and he’s always happy, excepts when he has an empty stomach. His love for food is as strong as his love for the patrol.

A great asset to the team

His valuable qualities make him a great asset to the group. He’s not only a trusted friend, but also a hard worker. With his hard hat on him, he serves as a very helpful construction dog. He’s courageous and not afraid of any mission.

All the different tools that his vehicle has are of great help. It transforms into a bulldozer with all the power for construction and all the related work. In his scenes, children will see him fixing things, carrying supplies and digging and digging. Rubble is a worthy member of the PAW Patrol.


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