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The PAW Patrol cartoon seems to have a unique quality of doing magic with kids. Season after season, you have them glued to TV and asking for PAW toys for birthdays and Christmas. It can be easily one of those series that will have children’s love generation after generation. So PAW Patrol is here to stay, and characters like Rocky help with that.

The handy puppy

No specific breed, but so talented! That’s what he is. If parents watch the cartoon with their kids, Rocky will probably be the favorite one. His character has much to teach to kids. Not only how to help others with talents, but also to overcome fears when necessary. He is an excellent role model for children.

He’ll team up with the patrol on rescue missions and with Ryder for doing maintenance on all vehicles. Rocky is a resourceful dog. He’s full of ideas, as well as repairing gadgets. He can repair almost anything with any of the tools in his pup pack or his amazing truck. This grey and white puppy is so valuable that participates in many rescue missions.

The eco-friendly pup

Rocky is the eco-friendly of the group. He loves recycling as much as he dislikes water. Kids will laugh at many scenes about his fear of water. If necessary, he will be brave enough and his fear won’t block up his participation when his help is needed. Recycling is also a priority for him, in fact that’s the symbol on his tag pendant.


With this role modeling, kids will learn that practicing earth-friendly activities is no that tough. This enthusiastic puppy shows that the most powerful green attitude starts with small habits. Green is his favorite color, so Rocky’s modeling can definitely have a huge impact on kids and influence over the course of their lives.


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