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“Pups save Ryder’s Robot” is the episode that says “Welcome” to Robo-Dog. All puppies have high-tech gadgets that are extraordinarily useful for rescues. Robo-Dog is one of Ryder’s creations. Although he showed some malfunctions at the beginning, after some adjustments with Rocky’s help, everything goes perfect now.

A pup pack of his own

Robo-Dog is the representation itself of high technology. He is been present in all seasons. He’s had assistance and back up calls, and he’s been of great help since his creation. In season 3, two important things happened in the PAW Patrol cartoon in relation to this character. The PAW Patroller, the vehicle he drives, was added to the opening theme song, and Robo-Dog was given his own pup pack.


His pup pack has many tools for repairing things, so like Rocky he can give a paw helping when it’s necessary fixing or upgrading devices. Robo-Dog has different skills that were usually guided by an antenna he has as tail, but due to some messy situations during the rescues, Ryder preferred to make him respond to voice commands.

Three impressive vehicles

This cute dog robot has a white body. You can see his eyes on his face screen and his blue floppy ears on each side. He is the operator of the impressive vehicles that the patrol has. All vehicles have two seats in the front for Ryder and Robo-Dog. Robo-Dog knows where to drive through Ryder’s voice commands.

The PAW Patrol has three spectacular vehicles, and all of them are operated by Robo-Dog. The PAW Patroller, the Air Patroller and the recent Sea Patroller. They are used for taking the patrol and their equipment anywhere. The PAW Patroller is a very big bus, the Air Patroller is a small aircraft that lets them be in any place in a very short period of time, and the Sea Patroller if the mission is the ocean.


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