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Circuses have been an option of entertainment for hundreds of years. Both, adults and kids enjoy shows that include clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists and even magicians. Throughout the year, cities and towns host circuses with frequency. Every time that Raimundo’s circus visits Adventure Bay brings all the diverse entertainment and much more.

The circus ringmaster

Lights, colors and movement are part of the circus world, but to focus audiences’ attention the ringmaster is the one who directs the action. Raimundo is both, owner and ringmaster of the circus. All Adventure Bay can go there and enjoy the best shows with performers and also lovely animals doing magical stunts.


Hippos and elephants like Eunice and Ellie or Leo, the lion are some of the animals that Raimundo takes care of. This ringmaster with curled moustache wears a jacket and a big black top hat. He loves working at the circus and likes when things go perfect. Since the first time that the PAW Patrol helped him, he knows he can count on them.

Raimundo and the PAW Patrol

Although his character has few appearances in the series, each episode about the circus is really good, and kids like them a lot. He debuted in season 1 giving Ryder his ringmaster’s hat to thank him for saving the circus. In this opportunity, Raimundo was transporting Eunice and Ellie, and Ellie escaped somehow from the trailer. The same happens in another episode while driving and taking Daisy and her two baby hippos.

He always calls Ryder when he’s coming to town. The pups love the circus and when they know it’s coming, they start practicing their trick “The Pup circus pyramid”. They hope Raimundo allows their show. That way they could be part of the circus every time it comes to Adventure Bay. Everybody in town gets really excited when they know about the upcoming circus.


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