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Difficult to say there is something cuter than a puppy. So maybe this is the reason why little kids don’t get enough of Paw Patrol. The emotional connection with one of the most beloved pets by children has a lot to do with this. This TV show has become little kids’ favorite cartoon, but also favorite theme for a memorable party.

Paw Patrol theme

An ordinary party can be turned into the most exciting event for a kid. Every child has a special character, but no doubt that these puppies are the most popular heroes for toddlers and little kids. If you want to see your kid stare in amazement at the decoration of the party area, Amazon can help you with super cute products.

You can find inspiration on what to buy for a great Paw Patrol party. Where are you having the party? Inside or outside? No problem. It is impossible to throw a Paw Patrol party and not to succeed with all the party supplies available online.

Celebrating a Paw Patrol birthday party doesn’t have to be stressing. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a small or big party, avoid the party store. All the decorative items you need are on Amazon. Besides, you can be sure that everything will arrive quickly and as stated.

Party supplies packs

There are important places to take into account for the decoration. For example, to set a puppy play area is really important, so your creativity and putting together some ideas will create a fun party for your child.  Let’s start with the surprising set ‘Paw Patrol Party for 16 guests’. You can also find it for 8 guests only if it is your case.

It is a very good deal if you don’t want to buy items separately. Decoration supplies for the area and the table are included. Balloons, an amazing inflatable and colorful Happy Birthday banner, hanging swirls and masks are great to be placed around the room.

Of course, you are going to need to set a cute table, too. Make sure it is as cute as it could possibly be with the themed items in this set. It comes with a plastic tablecloth, plates, cups and napkins. There are also beautiful loot bags with Chase, Marshall and Rubble on the front, just perfect to delight everybody. It also includes 24 tattoos that kids will love.

More party sets

Find packs for larger parties, too. You have the Paw Patrol Dinner plates. It is a set of 40 dinner square plates. Choose the characters. Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble and Skye are the stars of these party supplies. These plates measure 9 inches across, and the feel and colors are great. You will be very pleased with these packages, and everything will turn out so cool.

Another fantastic kit is the Girl Paw Patrol Decorations Pack. It is a stunning party kit for decorating your daughter’s party. Everest or Skye come with all the necessary items to make the environment look great and beautiful. A jointed Happy Birthday banner, amazing 18” or 16” Skye and Everest balloons and a pink table cover will be so perfect for a wonderful girly decoration.  

Some Paw Patrol party ideas

Amazon offers plenty of nice, varied and good quality products. However, there are so many and different things that you can set up or print on your own. For example, you can use loot bags, but Paw Patrol cups filled with candies can be also perfect giveaways for the party.

Give a memorable day to your kid with a fired up Paw Patrol party. Using all this stuff is an easy way to pull the party off.