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Paw Patrol is a series screened in over 160 countries. So this hugely popular cartoon has fans worldwide. It is not only having kids in a hypnotic trance in front of the TV, they also enjoy pretend play and love dressing as their favorite rescue pups.

Faithful little fans

You can see how little fans’ eyes never stray from the screen in front of them. It seems that their love for the show will never go away. In fact, they don’t even get tired of watching the same episodes again and again.

Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, Everest and Zuma won’t be the only stars of the show. Even though kids know they are fictional characters, wearing their costumes encourage them to take part of the action.  It is so easy for them to let their imagination take them to the adventures that these heroic pups live every day.

The right web page

Children adore dressing up and becoming one of their favorite characters ever. So it is important to find the best and cutest costumes for your kids. Do some digging, and you will see that Amazon has all the Paw Patrol costumes. With any of them, your kids will be ready to undertake important rescue missions.

This web page is the right place to look for the adorable Paw Patrol costumes. Amazon shows the most loved and sold costumes. Buy them here, and you will sure rate them with five stars. If you have any doubt, the customer service team is very responsive and helpful.

Cute little dog heroes

These costumes are the top selling for Halloween and themed parties. They are great to make birthday parties extra special. They are jumpsuits that come with hats and pup packs, except Skye and Everest costumes that come with lovable dresses.

They are full body suit costumes made of polyester that come with the accessories for a perfect Paw Patrol look. Rubie’s is the leading industry that offers the line of the Paw Patrol costumes. Marshall, for example, comes with the hat and ears and a backpack. Chase comes with a police hat, a blue vest with a badge on the chest and a pup pack.

Tracker and Rubble also come with hats that look exactly the ones of the cartoon characters. Skye comes with a backpack and a pink dress with attached wings. Everest with a pup pack, a beautiful blue and purple dress, and of course a winter hat and ears.

Other styles

If your kid is mad about one specific pup, you can find it available in sizes: Extra Small or Small. In case you have a Ryder’s fan, the Paw Patrol Character Costume Hoodie is a great alternative. They are adorable sweaters that come in sizes from 2T to 5. Your kid will be wearing this outfit all day every day.

Parents and kids will just adore all of the nice Paw Patrol costumes. They are soft and comfy for kids. All of them are very easy to put on, but we cannot guarantee that your kid will want to take it off.

Look out for more adorable products

Jumpsuits are not the only option. The Cartoon costume 6 Satin Cape with felt mask is a fantastic alternative. It is a great purchase for the price. With this set, children have six pup costumes that can change over and over.

For a quick transformation into any of the adorable puppies, the Paw Patrol Sunglasses are quite a hit. They provide 100% UV 400 protection and are perfect for children and adults. They are light, well made and strong enough to be in good shape for a long time.