Mr. Porter

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Mr. Porter
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PAW Patrol is a show that has followed the adventures of a boy named Ryder and his puppies for five seasons. Their objective is to save Adventure Bay from any kind of accidents. It is season 5 now, and it will follow the same pattern of success as the previous ones, for sure. Mr. Porter is a secondary human character that has been in many episodes from season 1 to 5.

A nice restaurant in Adventure Bay

Let us introduce the owner of the Adventure Bay’s restaurant, Mr. Porter. He is a man of medium height with no hair, but a big bushy moustache. As any town, there are nice places for people to spend some time and enjoy good meals. It’s a really nice restaurant with some decorated tables outside. It’s not only that he is the owner of this restaurant, his participation is frequent because he has other two important roles.

Mr. Porter

He’s Alex’s grandpa and always keeps an eye on him. Alex likes doing very risky activities all the time. He also supplies food in town. One of the episodes shows that there’s a total collapse in Adventure Bay when everybody goes to Mr. Porter’s restaurant, and he tells them he’s run out of supplies.

Cameos and more important appearances

Mr. Porter is a secondary character, but with a role of reference in the episodes. Counting cameos and longer participations, they add up more than sixty episodes where he appears in important scenes. One of the funniest ones is when he started the drone food delivery business, and it became in messy food raining.

One of his more recent appearances is in season 5 in “Pups save an extreme lunch”. Mr. Porter and his grandson Alex decided to go hiking on a beautiful day. While they are hiking and singing together, they see Danny on the top of the canyon in a very risky situation, so he decided to call Ryder and the PAW Patrol.


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