Mayor Humdinger

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Mayor Humdinger
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With the PAW Patrol in charge and very nice inhabitants, Adventure Bay is definitely a great town to live in. There’s nothing to fear with the patrol on the case. People can enjoy beautiful places in town or on its outskirts. A day playing volleyball at the beach or total adventure skiing on the top of snowy mountains. All reasons to say, it is a fantastic town. Can Mayor Humdinger say the same about Foggy Bottom town?

A neighboring town

Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Adventure Bay’s neighboring town. Foggy Bottom is next to it, but it is not as nice as Adventure Bay is. This character has appearances since season 1, and he’s always trying to be more successful than Mayor Goodway. Outdoing her work has become his obsession.

Mayor Humdinger

That’s why, Mayor Humdinger is not the type of person that seems nice and kind, but always ill-tempered. He has a very elegant look. He wears a blue and purple suit and a blue top hat. Although his appearance evokes a total respectable person, he is not okay when he doesn’t win and uses cheating as a tool for winning.

A highly competitive mayor

The point is not that he is highly competitive because this could be a good characteristic if he used it as a boost for making his town a better place. The thing is he’s proved to be a person that acts dishonestly every time he has the opportunity. He definitely doesn’t want Mayor Goodway to have the best town.

As a counterpart to the PAW Patrol, Mayor Humdinger created the Kitten Catastrophe Crew. Far from being a helping crew for their town, they are troublesome cats. In several occasions, the PAW Patrol has helped Mayor Humdinger. The lesson for the little ones is that even if you don’t like someone, it’s a good action to help them if they are in trouble.


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