Mayor Goodway

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Mayor Goodway
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All the stories and adventures that the PAW Patrol lives take place in Adventure Bay or its surrounding area. The main objective of the crew is to save the town of those difficult and risky situations that are not so easy to be handled by other members of the community. Mayor Goodway runs Adventure Bay and trusts Ryder and the pups to help her keep the town calm and safe.

The first Adventure Bay’s Mayor

Mayor Goodway really loves Adventure Bay. She turns to be the great, great, great, great grandchild of the first Adventure Bay’s Mayor, and she’s extremely proud of it. She wants to follow in his footsteps making it the best town. Her rivalry with Foggy Bottom’s Mayor for having the best town is part of the constant story in the cartoon.

Mayor Goodway

She has a high frequency of appearances in the episodes. Because of the good mayor she wants to be, she’s always walking around; if she notices danger, she immediately asks for help and calls the PAW Patrol to give her a paw! That’s what it is all about. The PAW Patrol will do their best to save Adventure Bay from all sorts of mishaps.

An interesting personality

She’s kind of overdramatic and prone to panic. But this helps to bring humor to the episodes, besides her purse pet Chickaletta. She’s always very elegant. She wears very professional clothes, blazer and high heels. A purse is part of her nice look with the detail she always carries a chicken in it. Her beloved Chickaletta is always clung to her.

The characteristics of her personality make her overreact sometimes. To transmit her feelings, the voice of the character is extremely important. Mayor Goodway has been brilliantly voiced by two actresses: Deann Degruijter and Olivia Sarafina Washington.  Anytime her desperate voice makes the emergency call, Ryder and the pups will be there on the double to calm her down.


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