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One of the best attributes of this show is to highlight community helpers’ love and work for the community. No doubt one of the most respected roles in society is being a firefighter. The altruism attached to it makes people consider this occupation as an appreciated one. Marshall, the adorable Dalmatian, will be the best example. He is always a real help in a pretty pickle.

A cute firedog

From season 1 to 5, this cartoon has been winning the hearts of kids on TV. Kids learn the value of working together. There’s no way of showing quarrels among the puppies over whose role is the most important in a rescue. Teamwork is the word! and Marshall is part of the fantastic PAW Patrol. Besides, he is a clumsy dog that gives each episode a very nice touch of humor.


But his clumsiness doesn’t block up his good work at all; on the contrary, it is well received by his friends and kids laugh a lot with his appearances. There are many funny moments crashing into the pups or the elevator. But he always says he’s totally ok!  Marshall is all action, and he is constantly doing his best on his fire truck.

The number one firehouse mascot

Dalmatians are considered popular family pets, but also good watchdogs. They do a great job in fire brigades protecting firehouses and its equipment. Marshall always wears his red uniform and fire helmet when he’s on duty. His help is necessary for extinguishing fires and rescuing animals with his ladder.

He’s also great value for the patrol being medic. He’ll be there attending people if necessary, and using the X-Ray screen for any broken bones. He has fantastic equipment. All the necessary things are in his fire engine that can be also transformed into an ambulance. He is definitely the number one firehouse mascot.


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