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If somebody doubts that the PAW Patrol cartoon is truly for children, they don’t know about the great variety of topics and characters that this cartoon has and kids love!  Mandy is a female monkey that is part of an awesome topic: jungle and monkeys. Robo-Dog takes the patrol to the jungle on the PAW Patroller. There, they live together the most exciting adventures.

A mischievous monkey

There are many species of monkeys in the world. They are found in a variety of environments because they are highly adaptable creatures. A great variety, different types but one thing in common: they love to be like small mischievous kids. Mandy is a cute representation of that. She loves climbing and jumping to trees and steals food because she wants to eat like her friends Carlos, Ryder and the patrol.


She doesn’t live in Adventure Bay, she lives in the jungle. But anyway, she can be seen in episodes that take place in either place. When Ryder and the patrol go to the jungle, she goes nuts jumping with excitement. She starts jumping over their heads and makes gestures of happiness. She shows real love for them.

Mandy’s appearances

Although she doesn’t have a scene in every single episode, there’s at least one in each season. Her troublemaking tendencies have developed funny stories. Once she escaped from her cage on the train, and the patrol started one of their wildest chases. Her appearances are always good reasons for laughing.

Not to mention the hilarious moments when she has shown her abilities of driving Mr. Porter’s van and Ryder’s all terrain. Ryder has to hold his pup pad tightly when she’s around. Mandy definitely believes it is a toy, she’s tried to run off with it more than once. Despite her naughty behavior, the PAW Patrol is always glad to see her.

Meet The Charactes of the series

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