Mama eagle

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Mama eagle
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It is true that PAW Patrol is a preschool show, but it doesn’t mean is the simplest genre. For kids, colors, animation and visual effects have to be great. According to its studio in Toronto, each 11 minute episode takes several weeks to be finished. Each character that is part of the episodes of this fantastic children program is an excellent representation of what they are in real life.

Mama eagle in Adventure Bay

Mama eagle is a large and powerful eagle that lives in the rocky mountains of Adventure Bay. She built her nest on a high cliff, and she constantly flies close by. The character respects many important and real aspects of eagles.

If you ever happen to see an eagle, and you have the opportunity to watch it closely, you’ll see that Mama eagle does the same. She can fly up to very high altitudes and never surrenders to the size or strength. If she feels that her younger ones are in danger, she’ll be completely ferocious.

A very protective mother

Despite the popular thought that these animals are quite aggressive, Mama eagle shows in each episode how attentive and gentle she is with little eagles. She feeds them with worms, and she sits still observing from side to side what’s happening around. That’s what she does. She just reacts when she feels her eggs or baby eagles are in a risky situation.

Mama eagle

In fact, her first appearance was in “Pups save the Easter Egg Hunt”. Little eagle was still in an egg, and it was mistakenly taken to the Egg hunt with Mayor Goodway. There is another exciting chase where Mama Eagle and Skye do their best movements in air. One of the curious little eagles gets in her helicopter accidentally, and Mama eagle starts pursuing them. Skye and all the patrol hurry up to take him back to his nest.


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