Kitten Catastrophe Crew

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Kitten Catastrophe Crew
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PAW Patrol certainly is a truly program for children, but still tries to give them a perspective on the story of real life. Everybody can be a hero day after day struggling in the face of challenges and difficulties. But there are two human versions: the good guys and the bad ones. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew was created to have the role of villains and be the PAW Patrol’s headache.

A constant sabotage

Mayor Humdinger’s obsession with sabotaging Mayor Goodway’s work is clear in all his appearances. He is constantly using his imagination to find new crooked ways to damage Adventure Bay. One of his best ideas for this has been the Kitten Catastrophe Crew. Let’s not say they are the evil counterpart of the PAW Patrol, but they pretend to be a total contrast of it.

Mayor Humdinger’s idea is to make these kittens cause chaos and a lot of difficulties. But this sextet of cats won’t be let to highlight the role of the villain over the role of the hero. Kids will see how the good puppies of the patrol triumph inspiring with their courage. Although they don’t show any gratitude when the PAW Patrol saves them, Ryder and his puppies keep helping them if necessary.

One for each paw patrol puppy

They are just the antithesis of the PAW Patrol. It is so peculiar to see how closely these cats resemble the main pups of the patrol.  Mayor Humdinger is their leader. They usually obey him, but sometimes they decide not to do it.  All the cats are like opposite versions of the PAW Patrol. You identify in them very similar physical characteristics in appearance and uniform.

Kitten Catastrophe Crew

Cat Marshall, for example has the same fur colors and spots. Cat Rubble wears a very similar uniform, and the same happens with Cat Chase, Cat Rocky, Cat Zuma and Cat Skye. All of them have similarities in terms of fur color or uniform, but not attitude.


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