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The PAW Patrol cartoon is a successful one, not only because of the main characters. It takes place in a town and takes into account different members of the community. Each inhabitant of Adventure Bay is quite a world and gives nice possibilities of stories to be developed. Well, Adventure Bay has a special place for all pets in town, and Katie is the one in charge of it.

The best at pampering pets

Katie is a very nice girl in charge of running the local pet parlor or pet clinic in Adventure Bay. This blond girl is always in the best disposition to take care of pets. She’s become a real good friend of Ryder and the pups. So when they’re not on duty, she cares about them and makes sure all of them are well bathed, even Rocky with his dislike for water.


Her clinic is the best, and all the pets go there to be pampered by Katie. She takes care of Skye’s new hairdo and prepares the most relaxing bubble baths for Rubble. In the episode where she wants to participate in a “Puptacular show”, she gives Rocky a real spa treatment. And the best of all is that they won.

A talented young girl

As a real pet lover and all a professional pet groomer, this talented young girl has more in common with a vet than a hairdresser. Of course, she keeps pets looking their best, even her own pet Cali. She also detects alerts to pets’ possible health issues. There’s an episode where Rubble is injured, and she had to bandage his leg.

Although she dislikes when she’s with the pups and they have to go because of an emergency, she perfectly understands that Adventure Bay needs them. So this girl in pink and purple will always be in the best disposition to receive them.


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