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You just can’t help getting caught up in the excitement kids feel with each new episode. This hit children program can give full entertainment for kids with total sunny scenarios at the beach or extremely cold ones on the top of the mountains. Jake is a male secondary character that will bring episodes full of adventure on the snow.

An exciting snowboarding resort

On the top of the mountain, Jake is an expert ski patroller, but more than once he has had to call the PAW Patrol to help him out with some emergencies. This boy of brown hair and green eyes feels a real passion for snowboarding. So one of his priorities is his Snowboarding Resort.


He’s been in the series since season 1. Through his character, the little TV viewers of the show have been able to learn about sports like ski, snowboarding and even spelunking. This last one, a recreational hobby of exploring caves. Besides, many of the episodes where he appears have to do with deer and penguins that are also very interesting animals for kids.

Everest’s caretaker

He is the best snowboarder of Adventure Bay. With his experience in skiing and snowboarding, he runs his resort. In episode 1, he did it by himself. After season 2 when Everest starts in the series, he became her caretaker. They live on a snowy mountain. Both are a team for helping snowboarders up high.

They keep in touch with the patrol for either they need the patrol or Everest is needed for a rescue. Jake has a nice personality and very good knowledge about animals of cold weather regions. All his skills together have let him experience the most adventurous situations and assist the patrol in some of their rescues. For example, in “Pups save the Deer”, he is of great help with a family of deer that are stuck on slippery ice.


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