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Little kids have always liked the animals on a farm. Old Mc Donald’s song is one of the favorite songs at that age. The success of PAW Patrol has to do a lot with giving the kids opportunities of enjoying episodes with all those characters they like. The cartoon has created great environments with different types of animals and pets. Garbie is a goat that with her bleating will need the patrol more than once.

Garbie’s appearance

Garbie is Farmer Yumi’s goat. She is the only goat on the farm and lives in the barn with other animals. Although there are episodes where she can be seen alone, under normal conditions she is on Farmers Yumi and Al’s farm with Bettina the cow, some pigs, sheep and chicken.


She likes any kind of veggies to eat and usually has a very big appetite. There’s an episode where it’s impossible not to hear the kids saying “Oh, no!” What happened? The patrol went on a picnic, and Mr. Porter gave them delicious watermelon. It was not enough for her to eat all the pups’ watermelon, but also Ryder’s pup pad!

A troublesome goat

Garbie usually gets along well with all animals on the farm; however, her troublesome nature has led her to create some messy situations sometimes. In the episode “Pups save Farmer Alex”, she creates all a mess when her head got stuck in a bucket. Garbie can’t see and starts moving around desperately hitting all the animals. The result? A stampede toward town.

Another episode shows her with her horns stuck in branches of a tree. Garbie escaped from the farm and got in trouble on a cliff. Ryder hears Garbie bleating and tries to help her, but both end on a cliff edge. You can see how the PAW Patrol does their best job and saves both of them.


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