Francois Turbot

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Francois Turbot
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Preschoolers have this unique gift of finding everything entertained and funny.  The idea when PAW Patrol was created was to be a source of good entertainment for children. Season after season, it has accomplished its mission. The dialogs and actions of the main and secondary characters get the attention and engagement from the little ones. The Turbots are the best in that.

Two Turbots

Seal Island is home for the two Turbots. Captain Horatio Turbot and his cousin Francois Turbot live there very near the lighthouse. They’re constantly looking for opportunities to shine in science and in Francois Turbot’s case photography and zoology. He is French, and his appearance evokes France completely. He looks his best French style with a beret and a French flag’s colors t-shirt.

Francois Turbot

Francois is Horatio’s cousin and close associate. And precisely because none of them wants to have less authority than the other, this brings about as consequence to get in trouble more than once. It is completely fruitless trying to get an agreement, and before they finish quarreling they’re already in a difficult situation. The only thing they both agree is to call the PAW Patrol.

Fantastic experiences

Apart from being always looking for the right moment for the best picture, Francois Turbot has had the best experiences in other fields of adventure. He’s tried doing some wild things alone, but most of them have been with his cousin Horatio. Acrobatic stunts, sailing, diving and flying are among them. This French zoologist has found extreme activities in Adventure Bay.

They love each other, for sure; but it seems impossible they can take a decision with no problem. Trying to have the total control of the Flounder, the Diving Bell, and quarreling while gliding or looking for the Giant Sea Slug have had the same endings. Calling Ryder and the PAW Patrol has been necessary.


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