Farmer Yumi

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Farmer Yumi
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Kids have an awesome capacity to learn. With this character, the PAW Patrol cartoon goes on showing different topics and possible places for more adventure. It means an opportunity at this early age to know about different types of animals, in this case farm animals. Farmer Yumi is a surprising character. From the calmness of nature and animals to the excitement of martial arts.

A recurring character

She’s been in all seasons, she debuted in season 1 in the episode “Pups fall festival”. It’s the first time the pups are shown at Farmer Yumi’s barn, and one of the episodes where there are no specific pups chosen for a mission. All of them have to work together and show the best of their skills to get all the fruit picked. Strong winds and a snowstorm is coming!

Farmer Yumi

From that season on, there are many episodes where she appears with all the inhabitants of her farm. Farmer Yumi is a character with a recurring role. Although she doesn’t appear in every single episode, she’s continually brought back to participate in the storyline. Throughout the series and the development of the episodes, she surprises with all the roles she has.

Crops and animals

She works very hard with her husband farmer Al. They have grown incredible crops of fruits and vegetables that have won prizes. So both are really proud of their farm. They also have several animals on it. These animals have been the objective of a rescue in many opportunities. And as always, the PAW Patrol has been there for a successful ending.

Pigs, sheep, cows, goats and chicken. You can see them all around when the farm is part of the story developed in the episode. This female farmer with cowboy hat and blue overalls is very friendly. She is in charge of her family-run farm, provides fresh food for Mr. Porter’s restaurant and you can also see her as a martial arts instructor.


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