Farmer Al

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Farmer Al
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Farms are important and sometimes vital for the sustenance of a town. With the PAW Patrol series, kids will also learn where the crops and dairy products come from. And with understandable dialogues and scenes for kids, they’ll get how lives of animals and farmers are. Adventure Bay was so happy when two beloved farmers got married, Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi.

A very good farmer

Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi got married in season 2. In “Pups save a wedding” you can see a nice ceremony, an elegant groom and a bride wearing a farmer style wedding gown. Not to talk about the special groomsmen and bridesmaids, their own farm animals! At the end of the ceremony, Mayor Goodway catches the bride’s bouquet, so she could possibly be the next bride in town.

Farmer Al

Since this moment, Farmer Al starts living all the adventures in town with his wife. They own a barn with several animals. Edwena and Bessie are his cows and the naughty Emma and Corny are his pigs. He is a very good farmer, caring and patient with animals. As a typical farmer, he always wears overalls and boots. He’s slim and tall and with southern accent voiced by the actor Ron Pardo.

Troublesome farm animals

Farmer Al is a hard worker. Their farm produces products for their community, and he himself takes them on his truck to Mr. Porter’s restaurant. He usually has a lot of patience in order to deal with the surprises of weather, crop and livestock. He knows he has the PAW Patrol to help them with their troublesome farm animals.

Farmer Al

There’s a really funny episode in season 3. In “Pups save a windsurfing pig”, you can see how Farmer Al’s pig Corny gets into trouble. While they’re on their way for delivering some goods, Corny sees the beach and jumps out from the truck. Al’s pig goes directly to the beach and gets on a windsurf board. The funniest experience of a surfing pig!


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