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The PAW Patrol cartoon engages preschoolers’ whole brain and body by activating their enthusiasm. Since the very beginning of the episode with the rhythm of the theme song till the end of it with the expectation of an accomplished mission. Different situations, scenarios and characters make this children program very far from being boring. With Everest, the snow turns into adventure now!

A snow rescue puppy

With Everest as part of the team, kids will enjoy episodes of very cold and frozen scenarios. There’s an episode where Captain Turbot calls from the Artic. There are other chapters that take place at Adventure Bay’s ski resort. Wherever there’s snow and an emergency call, Everest will be the most suitable puppy to help.


She is a fearless Siberian Husky and now a rescue dog. She doesn’t live with the patrol, but she is at her best disposition to help whenever it is required. The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog breed, and there’s no better breed for the second girl of the team. Everest is challenging and independent, and feels completely happy living up on the mountain. When needed, she comes down and joins the patrol for any freezing rescue.

The second female member

She was so welcomed in season 2. She is the second female member of the patrol, and works with them in a very coordinated way. Sky and Everest are the only female puppies so far, and they’ve proved to be great patrollers.

Everest never loses her girlish style with her fluffy clothes. She always wears a stylish knit to cover her head. Her winter cap and vest are mainly teal and make her look very cute, even in episodes where she’s had to do high jumps.  Her snowmobile has great gadgets to help in snow or ice. So Everest is so welcomed aboard!


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