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It’s not a secret that children try to imitate his heroes sometimes. They do it because they think they live in a kind of fantasy land. They believe that if they put on an appropriate costume, it’ll boost their abilities. That’s Danny’s case. This cheerful and audacious kid saw Ryder once performing a stunt in a rescue. From that moment on, he’s had an obsessed idea of taking surprisingly risks.

Daring Danny X

It’s kind of difficult that kids that live in Adventure Bay don’t want to be part of the PAW Patrol. Ryder and the puppies are really loved by the community, and their work is highly appreciated. Alex is a kid that dreams about being part of rescues, and Danny about performing great stunts. This ten year old boy debuted in the series in season 3 in “Pups save Daring Danny X”.

This boy with freckles wears a yellow shirt with an X on it. Daring Danny X has all the motivation he needs for becoming a stunt performer or daredevil. There’s an episode where he shows that he’s determined to do that, and asks Mayor Goodway to spread the word he’ll do the most trike amazing stunts.

Ignoring advices

Knowing he always ignores advices, all the community tries to keep an eye on him. The thing with Danny is that he loves to show off and ignores the consequences it can have.  In “Pups save an extreme lunch”, Mr. Porter and Alex see him on a stretched tightrope over the canyon. They immediately decide to call the PAW Patrol.


In another episode, he is saved from a ramp to ramp jump. With no training at all, he wants to jump on his trike over many cars. When the patrol doesn’t let him do it, he decides to give up the idea, but changes his target. What Ryder and the patrol want Danny to understand is that there’s an inherit risk in all the stunt work.


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