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If you are a parent, you have a true concern for your kid’s emotional and educational development. PAW Patrol gives the little ones the opportunity of dreaming. Fantasy is part of the kids’ world, and it’s very common that most of them imitate the roles of firefighters and police officers while playing. That’s one of the reasons why Chase is one of the favorite characters.

Learning about citizenship with Chase

Educational fun is a way of describing the PAW Patrol series. It teaches preschoolers about solving problems, but also citizenship. For Chase the development of fundamental duties of a police officer is the most important thing. Taking into account that kids are the target audience, the stories illustrate good moral values in combination of good humor and effective rescues.


After Ryder, this dog is seen as a natural leader. Maybe, because of his breed. He is a German Sheperd, and some of the distinguishing characteristics of this breed are its intelligence and eagerness to have a purpose. He’s highly obedient , as well as protective of his friends. All these and his keen sense of smell make him ideal for search missions.

A serious and cute police dog

He’s a serious police dog, and definitely looks very cute in blue. Police hat and vest are his uniform as a police officer. In one hand, he certainly shows that takes opportunities to help people very seriously during missions; on the other, he’s very playful with his friends in their free time.

“Ready for action, Ryder, sir!” That’s what he says before each mission, showing his confidence and willingness to serve. He is one of the main characters and delights children when he directs traffic or tracks missing elements with all his spy equipment and clothes. When using his police truck and megaphone, he is a fantastic PAW patroller. Chase is a suitable puppy for many missions.


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