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A trip into the jungle is to enter in one of the richest habitats on earth. Unique and exotic species of plants and animals live there. It’s not an exaggeration to say that through quite attractive stories, kids learn a lot with PAW Patrol. Tracker the jungle pup, Mandy the monkey and Carlos the jungle explorer are characters created to bring to life the jungle scenario in the cartoon.

A jungle explorer

Carlos is a very young jungle explorer. He is Ryder’s good friend, and although they don’t see each other so frequently, they always write to each other to keep in touch. Both of them share the passion for adventure. Ryder helping Adventure Bay with his group of pups, and Carlos exploring the jungle and searching for those treasures rumored to be inside.

This adventurous explorer with big and expressive blue eyes wears the most comfortable clothes for his expeditions. He wears a beige fedora hat with wide and flexible brims, blue jeans, an orange shirt, brown boots, and a brown cross body bag just in case he finds some gold in any of his ongoing expeditions.

Tracker’s caretaker

Tracker was so welcomed to the team when he showed his abilities and brave heart saving Carlos in the episode “Tracker joins the Pups” in season 3. Carlos’ foot is caught by a root and falls inside a hole. Tracker helps him finding his cell phone to call the PAW Patrol. Besides this, he distracts a big snake coming to attack them.


Since this moment and in total gratitude, Carlos starts taking care of Tracker and becomes his caretaker.  Although Carlos debuted in “Pups Jungle Trouble” in season 2, his character started to have more scenes when Tracker started being part of the PAW Patrol. Carlos and Tracker are part of the amazing stories that take place in the jungle.


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