Captain Turbot

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Captain Turbot
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When it is said that the PAW Patrol cartoon has been a real phenomenon for preschoolers is totally true; however, it’s also true for older kids. They have developed kind of connection with some characters, and that’s the case of Captain or Cap’n Turbot. Although he’s not a main character, his appearances are frequent. He’s part of the special humans that share with the patrol.

Seal Island is home

Although he’s one of the most frequent callers, he doesn’t live in Adventure Bay. He lives on its outskirts on Seal Island. Many kids admire him because his knowledge and love for sea animals. He is a marine biologist and loves fishing. Apart from this, his interest in paleontology will also generate risky situations that will need the assistance of the PAW Patrol.

Captain Turbot
Captain Turbot

He is very smart, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t bring laugh and fun to the series. For example, his taste for odd seafood is really strange and has made some characters even the pups refuse his food offerings. The puzzling facial expressions of the pups when Captain Turbot uses complicated speech make Ryder paraphrase immediately.

Diving Bell, his vehicle for adventure

Cap’n Turbot has a truck when he’s on land, The Flounder boat, and from season 2 on the Diving Bell to live adventures underwater. For kids who love technology, the Diving Bell submersible is going to be great. The captain equipped it with an artificial intelligence named Seabee. This smart biologist in yellow overalls is a very special character for the patrol.

Diving Bell is tiny and resembles a ball. In fact, “Pups save the Diving Bell” is a very funny episode in which Cap’n Turbot goes exploring underwater with his cousin. A baby whale starts playing with the submersible after having seen the pups play volleyball. Kids definitely find Captain Turbot and cousin’s reactions very hilarious.


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