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The world of PAW Patrol is one of fantasy and adventures. The talking puppies are the stars of the show, but they share and live with other pets in Adventure Bay. Although Katie, the dog groomer, loves them very much, she has her own special pet. Cali is Katie’s pet, a cute kitty that also has important appearances in the show.

A cute kitty

Her collar is as cute as she is. It’s purple with a golden bell, and she walks very proud of having it. Cali is a beautiful kitty with lavender-colored fur. She loves playing with her rubber toy mouse. Despite she is not a talking pet, she has an own actress for her meows. Her name is Julie Lemieux. Cali expresses herself very well with her meows and gestures.


Like a common cat, Cali is a little reluctant. However, she has no problem showing affection to her owner Katie and gestures of gratitude when she knows she’s been rescued. She feels identified in a funny way with Captain Turbot. His odd tastes for seafood are similar to Cali’s. She definitely loves eating fish. Different from others, she accepts his food offerings and enjoys them.

Cali in the PAW Patrol series

Her appearances are frequent in Katie’s scenes, and in others where she interacts with Alex and Chickaletta. Cali and Chickaletta play together, but sometimes they do things that get them in trouble. In more of one opportunity, Cali has been the pet to be rescued. Once, Katie and Cali were stranded in a ski cable car, and they had to call the patrol.

There’s another episode where Cali’s life is in serious danger. She is stuck on top of a silo, and she’s so scared that makes the rescue quite difficult. Everything turns more complicated because Cali doesn’t let the patrol help her. But, there are just happy endings for the PAW Patrol, and Cali was saved!


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