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The PAW Patrol series has had consistent high ratings on Nickelodeon. Little TV viewers see it as a source of good entertainment. It’s incredible that since its creation in 2013, this cartoon continues being ranked as one of the highest-rated programs for children. Kids just love it. Ryder and the puppies have the best adventures with secondary characters that kids also like a lot. Bettina is part of many laugh-provoking moments.

Farmer Yumi’s cow

Bettina is Farmer Yumi’s beloved cow, and lives on her farm. Both, Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi take care of their animals very well. This white and black cow looks like a real dairy cow, and her facial expressions make her be really cute. She wears a collar to hold a bell. Bettina like other dairy cows requires energy to make delicious and nutritious milk.


She needs to eat different kinds of food for a well-balanced diet. Farmers Al and Yumi know this, they have dry hay to ensure food all year round. The point with Bettina is that she’s always eating. Most of the time, you can see her with hay in her mouth, so the food for a year can easily disappear in few months.

Bettina’s appearances

Believe it or not, she is one of the animals with more appearances since season 1. Her big appetite is more than evident in the episode “Pups save three little pigs”. The straw house built for the pigs was totally eaten by Bettina, quite an appetite!

She is very prone to panic. Most of her reactions because of fireworks and thunders have led to difficult situations that the patrol has had to solve. In the episode “Pups save a sleepover” a very nice night of spa in Katie’s parlor finishes abruptly. Bettina got scared and ran off because of a thunder from an approaching storm.


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