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Episode after episode, Ryder and the PAW Patrol pups have to save someone. It could be a friend, a pet or a member of the community. It doesn’t matter who is in danger, the patrol will be there to perform a great rescue. But could it be possible to save a super hero? Rescuing Apollo has been one of the greatest experiences that Rubble has had.

Apollo the super hero

The excitement that children have all the time they see each episode of PAW Patrol is the same that the pups feel when they see Apollo. The puppies are big fans of his TV show. The hero that rescues citizens and saves the day!  A total coincidence? Well, it’s time now for the PAW Patrol to be fans of a super dog.

Different from the puppies of the patrol, this fictional character has super powers. Apollo Super Pup saves the day his own super way! He is always ready for high-flying rescues and can breathe out strong winds. He wears a blue mask and a red cape and his uniform is yellow. Rubble is such a big fan that has a costume that resembles this super dog.

The best dream

Rubble is Apollo Super Pup’s biggest fan, but all the patrol likes and enjoys his show. They only need costumes and pop corns to be ready for the marathon of this super hero. After episode 12, all of them fall asleep, but Rubble. Apollo Super Pup was in danger in a very sticky situation. Big Spider King caught him, and Apollo asked Rubble for help.


He can’t believe his eyes, and he’s so excited that his idol needs him. He calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol saves him. Then, Rubble helps him defeat the Spider King, it was awesome! At the end, Rubble was the one who fell asleep. Everything was just a great dream.


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