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Adventure Bay is a town where the adorable talking dogs of the patrol also live and share with nice people. Adults and kids are always involved in the action-adventure stories. Alex is part of the characters that make the PAW Patrol series one of the most popular ones. He is a very cheerful boy and a very big fan of Ryder and the patrol.

Little TV viewers

It’s undeniable that preschoolers are the target of this cartoon, and they have become the best TV viewers. This is because far from being disappointed, each episode is better than they expect. Alex is part of the excitement of the stories. He is a very enthusiastic boy between five or six years old.


He loves riding his super-trike imitating Ryder on his four-wheels. Ryder and Katie see him like a little brother. They are very kind and patient with him because he is a high energy boy. His big blue eyes are very expressive and shine when he helps the PAW Patrol with little things, and the pups tell him he has saved the day!

A big fan

Alex is like all those preschoolers that don’t miss any episode and look forward to the next one. He is such a big fan of the PAW Patrol that dreams about being one of their members. In all episodes where you have the opportunity to see him playing, he says phrases like “Alex patrol” and other catchphrases that the pups say.

He saw his dream come true in an episode where he was welcomed to participate in a real rescue. He sat next to Marshall on his fire truck, and gave the right idea for rescuing Cali from the top of a silo. In his own words, being part of a real rescue was the coolest experience ever.


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