Ace Sorensen

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Ace Sorensen
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Women have been successful as pilots of airplanes, helicopters and space travel. Vehicles with wings are also part of the equipment that the PAW Patrol has to solve cases and rescues. The air patroller and Skye’s helicopter are of great help. Ace Sorensen is all an inspiration for Skye. She is one of the most influential female pilots, and Skye has definitely learned a lot from her.

A female pilot

Skye was the first female pup in the PAW Patrol team. She was accepted and welcomed in the team breaking barriers in the aviation world. When she is in the sky, she is not a pup, but a bird.  She’s all an expert in the air, and she is valuable for Ryder and the whole patrol. She got the greatest news! in “Pups save an Ace”. In this episode, Skye gets so excited when she knows that her favorite pilot is coming to town.

Ace Sorensen is a very nice teen that loves flying. She covers her red hair with a blue flight cap as a professional pilot. Ace knows it’s good to be careful, so she always wears a brown parachute on her back. Her first appearance was in season 2.

The greatest stunt pilot ever!

Ace Sorensen is a great pilot. She is very famous not only for being a girl, but an excellent performer of stunts in the air. Her best friend in air is her airplane Amelia. Skye describes her as the greatest stunt pilot ever! That’s why it is joyful news for Skye when she knows about Ace Sorensen’s fantastic air show in Adventure Bay.

Ace Sorensen

In this same episode, Skye has the opportunity to help Ace Sorensen. When she was about to arrive, she has to face an engine problem with Amelia. Skye and the PAW Patrol will do all what they can, so Adventure Bay will be able to enjoy Ace’s show.


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