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Characters of Paw Patrol Cartoon series

Welcome to pawpatrol the website where you can discover the  paw patrol characters of the series, which character do you like more? you have doubts? here we leave you a list of  paw patrol characters:


When it is said that the PAW Patrol cartoon has been a real phenomenon for preschoolers is totally true; however, it’s also true for older kids. They have developed kind of connection with some characters, and that’s the case of Captain or Cap’n Turbot. Although he’s not a main character, his appearances are frequent. He’s part of the special humans that share with the patrol.


One of the best attributes of this show is to highlight community helpers’ love and work for the community. No doubt one of the most respected roles in society is being a firefighter. The altruism attached to it makes people consider this occupation as an appreciated one. Marshall, the adorable Dalmatian, will be the best example. He is always a real help in a pretty pickle.


Whether a trouble calls or an emergency strikes, the PAW Patrol will be on the case. So, there’s nothing to fear. Who’s in charge? Well, believe it or not, a super nice ten-year old boy leads the charge. At the moment of being in their world of imagination, your kids love being Ryder. He leads and gives all mission instructions, but also spends great time with the pups while teaching them.


The PAW Patrol cartoon seems to have a unique quality of doing magic with kids. Season after season, you have them glued to TV and asking for PAW toys for birthdays and Christmas. It can be easily one of those series that will have children’s love generation after generation. So PAW Patrol is here to stay, and characters like Rocky help with that.


Katie is a very nice girl in charge of running the local pet parlor or pet clinic in Adventure Bay. This blond girl is always in the best disposition to take care of pets. She’s become a real good friend of Ryder and the pups. So when they’re not on duty, she cares about them and makes sure all of them are well bathed, even Rocky with his dislike for water.


If you are a parent, you have a true concern for your kid’s emotional and educational development. PAW Patrol gives the little ones the opportunity of dreaming. Fantasy is part of the kids’ world, and it’s very common that most of them imitate the roles of firefighters and police officers while playing. That’s one of the reasons why Chase is one of the favorite characters.


PAW Patrol is ranked as one of the best kid shows on TV. Each dog has distinctive skills and super kennels able to transform into customized and great vehicles. It is Skye’s turn to impress with her role in this animated cartoon. She was the first female character to appear and was so well welcomed by the PAW Patrol team.


One of the funniest things when kids enjoy the PAW Patrol cartoon is to see them singing and dancing the theme song. It’s a nice version, and you definitely can see the smile at this catchy tune. The names of the main characters of the series are part of the lyrics, and Rubble is one of them. This lovable bulldog is much more than his appearance.


Adventure Bay is a town where the adorable talking dogs of the patrol also live and share with nice people. Adults and kids are always involved in the action-adventure stories. Alex is part of the characters that make the PAW Patrol series one of the most popular ones. He is a very cheerful boy and a very big fan of Ryder and the patrol.


If you are a parent of a preschool-aged child for sure you know about this hit of entertainment. Since 2013, new episodes have delighted children around the world. No doubt the PAW Patrol cartoon boosted Nickelodeon’s ratings. The reasons of success? Maybe, there are many, but Zuma points out a very important one.


Women have been successful as pilots of airplanes, helicopters and space travel. Vehicles with wings are also part of the equipment that the PAW Patrol has to solve cases and rescues. The air patroller and Skye’s helicopter are of great help. Ace Sorensen is all an inspiration for Skye. She is one of the most influential female pilots, and Skye has definitely learned a lot from her.


The excitement that children have all the time they see each episode of PAW Patrol is the same that the pups feel when they see Apollo. The puppies are big fans of his TV show. The hero that rescues citizens and saves the day!  A total coincidence? Well, it’s time now for the PAW Patrol to be fans of a super dog.


On the top of the mountain, Jake is an expert ski patroller, but more than once he has had to call the PAW Patrol to help him out with some emergencies. This boy of brown hair and green eyes feels a real passion for snowboarding. So one of his priorities is his Snowboarding Resort.


Mama eagle is a large and powerful eagle that lives in the rocky mountains of Adventure Bay. She built her nest on a high cliff, and she constantly flies close by. The character respects many important and real aspects of eagles.


There are many species of monkeys in the world. They are found in a variety of environments because they are highly adaptable creatures. A great variety, different types but one thing in common: they love to be like small mischievous kids. Mandy is a cute representation of that. She loves climbing and jumping to trees and steals food because she wants to eat like her friends Carlos, Ryder and the patrol.


Mayor Goodway really loves Adventure Bay. She turns to be the great, great, great, great grandchild of the first Adventure Bay’s Mayor, and she’s extremely proud of it. She wants to follow in his footsteps making it the best town. Her rivalry with Foggy Bottom’s Mayor for having the best town is part of the constant story in the cartoon.


Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Adventure Bay’s neighboring town. Foggy Bottom is next to it, but it is not as nice as Adventure Bay is. This character has appearances since season 1, and he’s always trying to be more successful than Mayor Goodway. Outdoing her work has become his obsession.


Mr. Hudson is the friendliest person you’ll see in town in charge of the ways for getting around. Through the episodes, he’s been seen in the same role as transport operator, but in different types of transportation in Adventure Bay. He is in the series since season 1 when his character debuted as the train engineer.


Let us introduce the owner of the Adventure Bay’s restaurant, Mr. Porter. He is a man of medium height with no hair, but a big bushy moustache. As any town, there are nice places for people to spend some time and enjoy good meals. It’s a really nice restaurant with some decorated tables outside. It’s not only that he is the owner of this restaurant, his participation is frequent because he has other two important roles.


Robo-Dog is the representation itself of high technology. He is been present in all seasons. He’s had assistance and back up calls, and he’s been of great help since his creation. In season 3, two important things happened in the PAW Patrol cartoon in relation to this character. The PAW Patroller, the vehicle he drives, was added to the opening theme song, and Robo-Dog was given his own pup pack.


A beautiful family of Walruses out in the bay. Wally, Walinda and their baby live surrounding Seal Island. His appearances started since the very beginning of the PAW Patrol series. His mate and mother of their baby walrus has had less scenes, and her debut was in season 2 in the episode “Pups save Walinda”.


Carlos is a very young jungle explorer. He is Ryder’s good friend, and although they don’t see each other so frequently, they always write to each other to keep in touch. Both of them share the passion for adventure. Ryder helping Adventure Bay with his group of pups, and Carlos exploring the jungle and searching for those treasures rumored to be inside.


It’s not a secret that children try to imitate his heroes sometimes. They do it because they think they live in a kind of fantasy land. They believe that if they put on an appropriate costume, it’ll boost their abilities. That’s Danny’s case. This cheerful and audacious kid saw Ryder once performing a stunt in a rescue. From that moment on, he’s had an obsessed idea of taking surprisingly risks.


With Everest as part of the team, kids will enjoy episodes of very cold and frozen scenarios. There’s an episode where Captain Turbot calls from the Artic. There are other chapters that take place at Adventure Bay’s ski resort. Wherever there’s snow and an emergency call, Everest will be the most suitable puppy to help.


PAW Patrol certainly is a truly program for children, but still tries to give them a perspective on the story of real life. Everybody can be a hero day after day struggling in the face of challenges and difficulties. But there are two human versions: the good guys and the bad ones. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew was created to have the role of villains and be the PAW Patrol’s headache


Circuses have been an option of entertainment for hundreds of years. Both, adults and kids enjoy shows that include clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists and even magicians. Throughout the year, cities and towns host circuses with frequency. Every time that Raimundo’s circus visits Adventure Bay brings all the diverse entertainment and much more.


In season 4, PAW Patrol decides to help other territories beyond Adventure Bay. “Mission PAW” is the name given to themed episodes that take place in the Kingdom of Barkingburg. This is a far away kingdom that needs the patrol’s help to protect the Crown and keep it safe. New characters come to share adventures with the team. The princess of Barkingburg has no idea about who Sweetie really is.


Tracker is one of the newest puppies of the team. PAW Patrol will have a broader audience with him, for sure. He is a Chihuahua puppy, a tiny dog with a huge personality. He is brown and white and as a good representative of his breed he has large and stiff ears. He has hypersensitive hearing which is good for missions, but kind of scary with unknown sounds in dark nights.


Bettina is Farmer Yumi’s beloved cow, and lives on her farm. Both, Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi take care of their animals very well. This white and black cow looks like a real dairy cow, and her facial expressions make her be really cute. She wears a collar to hold a bell. Bettina like other dairy cows requires energy to make delicious and nutritious milk.


Her collar is as cute as she is. It’s purple with a golden bell, and she walks very proud of having it. Cali is a beautiful kitty with lavender-colored fur. She loves playing with her rubber toy mouse. Despite she is not a talking pet, she has an own actress for her meows. Her name is Julie Lemieux. Cali expresses herself very well with her meows and gestures.


Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi got married in season 2. In “Pups save a wedding” you can see a nice ceremony, an elegant groom and a bride wearing a farmer style wedding gown. Not to talk about the special groomsmen and bridesmaids, their own farm animals! At the end of the ceremony, Mayor Goodway catches the bride’s bouquet, so she could possibly be the next bride in town.


She’s been in all seasons, she debuted in season 1 in the episode “Pups fall festival”. It’s the first time the pups are shown at Farmer Yumi’s barn, and one of the episodes where there are no specific pups chosen for a mission. All of them have to work together and show the best of their skills to get all the fruit picked. Strong winds and a snowstorm is coming!


Seal Island is home for the two Turbots. Captain Horatio Turbot and his cousin Francois Turbot live there very near the lighthouse. They’re constantly looking for opportunities to shine in science and in Francois Turbot’s case photography and zoology. He is French, and his appearance evokes France completely. He looks his best French style with a beret and a French flag’s colors t-shirt.


Garbie is Farmer Yumi’s goat. She is the only goat on the farm and lives in the barn with other animals. Although there are episodes where she can be seen alone, under normal conditions she is on Farmers Yumi and Al’s farm with Bettina the cow, some pigs, sheep and chicken.

 paw patrol characters

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